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    Support ItsChromeOS ItsChromeOS is a platform dedicated to Google's Chrome OS ItsChromeOS is your Hub for everything and anything related and relatable to Google's Chrome OS
    Accesories Reviews ItsChromeOS Reviews also include standard Chrome OS hardware Support ItsChromeOS Together with a myriad of categories and a catalog, we'll be doing more like weekly accessories review to say the least News Coverage, Deals, and More Supporting Us Comes With Perks ItsChromeOS Main catalog, Groups, Forums, Live Chat ItsChromeOS would not be complete without a designated news area with features such as daily news coverage, deals and our special weekly roundup of ChromeOS content.

    ItsChromeOS is growing with more to offer ...

    News Coverage

    Chrome OS Weekly, Deals

    News coverage is ever important with constant deals update, Chromium repo digs, latest device tidbits, and the general Chrome updates, and more!

    Database Management

    Chromebooks, Chromebases, Chromeboxes

    Constant update of ItsChromeOS database with painstaking detail on the latest devices in the Chrome OS ecosystem. 


    Video Production

    Rant series, Reviews, Tutorials

    We're barely getting started on videos BUT we've been gsthering a lot of amazing topics around Linux, Stadia, Android apps and more.

    New Features

    Live Chat, Manufacturer Groups, Shop

    We're constantly looking to improve ItsChromeOS to the best of our ability and that includes maintaining already implemented features and introducing new ones based on popular demand (more details later)

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    ItsChromeOS is poised for the primary purposed of promoting Chrome OS as an alternative platform for our daily computing needs, central point of connect for Chromies, a well detailed and oriented Chrome OS device database, and so much more to come …




    ItsChromeOS is a sprawling platform dedicated to the advancement of chromeOS as an alternative computing platform to Windows and macOS.

    Follow and learn from other Chromies as well as our daily articles from ItsChromeOS team.

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